About Peter Atwater

Peter AtwaterWhen Peter Atwater turned 45, his son said, “Dad you are halfway to ninety.” Three months later he left a very successful career in financial services to do something different. After helping several hedge funds successfully navigate the banking crisis, that “something” turned out to be studying confidence.

Tossing aside his academic training in economics and his experience on Wall Street, Atwater turned to social psychology and discovered that not only do we act as we feel, but we do so consistently, too. To paraphrase Mark Twain, history rhymes for a reason.

Today, Atwater teaches confidence-driven decision-making at William and Mary and to honors students at the University of Delaware. And when he isn’t in the classroom, you can find him speaking on stage, on Bloomberg Television and in The Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine.


As a speaker, Peter Atwater is represented by The Leigh Bureau.

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